Contact persons

Klaus Schlichting


Gerlachweg 9
44357 Dortmund


Falkentreff Westerfilde / Falken OV Nette

This is us

The Falken Bildungs- und Freizeitwerk Dortmund is responsible for the Falkentreff Westerfilde. The Falken are a children's and youth association in the social democratic sector. The staff at the Falkentreff are volunteers.

Our goals

The Falken stand for solidarity with one another. Girls and boys are equal. At the Falkentreff, the principle of participation and democracy applies. The Falkentreff supports and exchanges ideas with partner groups abroad.

Our services

Kids between 6-10 years old can visit the Falkentreff on Wednesdays between 5pm and 7pm. Girls aged 11-16 can visit the Falkentreff on Mondays between 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

During school vacations and on the weekends we offer youth camps. For the older ones there are educational activities on the weekends.