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Claudia Schroth


The Social City Action Plan is an urban promotion of certain "action areas" in the city district, which are supported by action plans and funding. The funding was launched in 2008 with a broad participation process. Certain financial resources are available for each "action area".

What is funded?

  • Applications can be submitted for project funding as well as for the action fund

  • The actions and projects must correspond to at least one or more fields of action

    • Work and employment in the neighborhood

    • Strengthening parents and children - combating child poverty

    • Strengthening social cohesion in the neighborhood

Who can apply for funding?

Private persons, associations, initiatives and others who live or work in the action area are eligible to apply. The projects must be initiated by or with the residents.

How do I apply for funding?

The application forms can be downloaded from the municipal homepage or obtained from the action responsibilities. Applications must be submitted in writing to the "Socially Integrative City Action Plan" project office.