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This is us

The employees of the Senior Citizens Office Mengede come from various backgrounds and have broad professional experience. These are some examples of jobs that our employees have done:

- Family and youth work

- Migration and integration work

- Gerontological professional fields

- Work with homeless people

- Work with refugees

Our Goals

The Senior Citizens Office Mengede represents support for a self-determined life in old age. We provide assistance in all areas related to the concept of " getting older". Competent advice and quick help in everyday life and emergency situations are among our greatest concerns.

Our services

We offer assistance on topics such as:

- Questions on the topic of "care"

- Support/ Relief options for relatives

- Advice on topics such as health care authorization, living will, severe disability

- Application assistance

- Advice on adjusting housing

- Questions on the topic of "vaccination"

- Recreational activities.

Nina Speziale
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