spiel- & sportMOBIL des StadtSportBund Dortmund e. V. (SSB)

Contact persons

Björn King

Paul Pyka


Bauhausstil. 16 - 18

Opening hours

Zeiten in Westerfilde & Bodelschwingh 2024

Dienstags 15-18 Uhr – Platz am Gerlachweg 16

Freitags 16-18:30 Uhr – Schulhof Westhausen Grundschule

Samstags 11-14 Uhr – Kiepeweg 12, Quartiersplatz an der Boulebahn
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This is us:

We are the StadtSportBund Dortmund e. V., the representative body of Dortmund's sports clubs! We take care of all matters relating to organized sport and ensure that all citizens in Dortmund can take part in sport. With the spiel- & sportMOBILEN, we bring sport directly to the doorsteps of various districts in Dortmund.

Our goals:

All children and young people need exercise for holistic development. With the spiel- & sportMOBILE, we can pick up children close to their homes and bring sport to their doorsteps. That's why we want to get as many children and young people as possible moving and thus promote their health, motor skills and social skills. This also makes it possible to offer children low-threshold access to organized club activities. Our aim is to make "sport for all" possible.

The spiel- & sportMOBILEs travel to various locations in Westerfilde and Nette. Children aged 3-12 years, but also older children and young people, will find numerous opportunities for exercise, play and sport thanks to the large selection of play and sports equipment. You can find the locations and times here.

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