KiTa Stories - "winter adventures" - Evangelischer Kindergarten Kinderbusch

The children of the pre-school year at the Kinderbusch Protestant kindergarten have captured their winter experiences in 2023 in a picture. The stories behind the pictures and what the children experienced in winter are shown here in the KiTa story "Winter adventures".

© Adriel
© Defne
© Elias


"I had fun baking cookies with Inka. My friend Louis was there too. The cookies taste sooo delicious."


"I love being in the gym with my friend Lisa. We build with the big cushions. I managed to do a handstand on the cushions. I can do that at home with cushions too. That's fun for me."


"This is the gnome's house. The elf is standing in front of the door. There's a Christmas tree with lights in the house."

© Ella
© Frida
© Jannis


"Paul the elf lives with us in the mouse group during Advent. Paul makes the children happy, they get a present, are allowed to light a candle and take the little fox home with them for a day. Paul always gets along and I found him in the cardboard corner. That was lovely."


"Iris played the Christmas story with the nativity figures. That was lovely. I've often acted out the story with Sophie and Marlene."


"My favorite place to be is on the construction carpet. I build something great with building blocks. I like it when Louis builds with me. The things I build are allowed to stay put and are not broken. I think that's nice."

© Julia
© Liva
© Louis


Julia drew herself, snow, a Christmas tree with lights, the table with cookies and a star.


"Today the little elves all sat on a bench. They do something different every day. The campfire is also different every day in the gnomes' corner. The little fox is always allowed to go home to a child every day. And everyone gets to take a parcel. That's great fun."


"Paul is a nice elf. He lives in the forest and always comes to us during Advent. He likes to hide and only moves when you're not looking. He found a little fox in the forest. The little fox was allowed to spend the night at my house. That was so nice. I like Paul."

© Luca
© Marlo
© Matti


"I like playing on the construction carpet. I've built a really big house. I am happy."


"Paul the elf has quietly snuck into my group. I discovered him on the shelf. That made me happy."


"I love it when my Louis sits in the swing with me. We swing really high, it's great fun."

© Miriam
© Mohammed
© Nick


"I was in the church with my family. There were stones there. A staircase led up to the stones. There were candles behind the stones."


"That's the elf's house. There is a Christmas tree with a star and tables with candles. The stairs lead to the elf's bedroom."


"I like playing with Janine on the construction carpet. We built a control center together. Playing and building with Jannis is fun."

© Phil
© Sophie
© Theo


"In my mouse group there is a gnome corner. There's a cave, lots of leaves and thick sticks. That's where elf Paul goes with his little friends. They do funny things every day. Today a little gnome built a slide with tree bark. That's funny."


"I made a beautiful angel with wool in kindergarten."


"I like playing with Louis on the construction carpet. We build great things with Lego bricks. I built a plane that can also float on water. It's fun and I like playing with the things I've built."

© Vivien
© Zeynep


"Mom made a candle jar with me on an Advent afternoon in kindergarten. That was a lot of fun."


Painted a snowman and a Christmas tree with lights.

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