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Instagram: stamm.vagabunden

This is us

The Vagabunden have been actively involved in the Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP) since 1995. Together with our members, we do voluntary work, go on trips and offer weekly group lessons. Our association is independent of faith and politics.

We live far away from everyday life on our trips without electricity and great comfort. In our group sessions, we play, build, sing, explore and organize.

Our goals

We want to teach creativity, independence and a sense of responsibility, which are important qualifications for later life.

We live in a community in which everyone is needed and has a say.

We organize our everyday life according to the motto "learning by doing" and "youth leads youth".

We scouts all over the world wear a scarf and neckerchief as a common sign of recognition, so that there is no room for social inequality.

What we offer

Weekend trips, summer camps, day activities, courses

Group lessons Times

Cub Scouts (6-12 years)

Fridays 17:00-18:30

Sipplings (12-16 years)

Fridays 17:30-19:00

Rangers/Rovers (from 16 years)

by arrangement