Do you enjoy a game of boules in good weather? Grab your game and let's go. The boules court is located directly on the neighborhood square between Kiepeweg and Zum Luftschacht and can be used by all enthusiastic boules players.

The rules

Boules, also known as pétanque, can be played in teams of different sizes:

  • 3 players against 3 players (triplette)

  • 2 players against 2 players (doublette)

  • 1 player against 1 player (tête-à-tête)

In triplette, each player has 2 balls. In the other variants, each player receives 3 balls.

The aim of the game is to throw your own balls as close as possible to a wooden target ball. At the start of the game, a draw is made to determine which player/team may throw the wooden ball to a distance of between 6-10 meters. One player from this team draws a circle on the ground with a diameter of approx. 35-50 cm. He throws the ball away from this circle.

He or a player from his team then tries to place the first ball as close as possible to the target ball. Now the right to throw passes to the other team until one of their balls is closer to the target ball or all of the team's balls have been played. Then it is the other team's turn again. This continues until all the balls have been played.


Points are only awarded once all the balls have been played. The team that comes closest to the target ball receives one point. If they are even 2 balls closer than their opponents, they get 2 points, and so on! Theoretically, up to 6 points can be scored per shot (up to 3 points in tête-à-tête).

The winner of the shot draws a new throwing circle at the spot where the target ball was and throws the target ball for the next shot.

The game is won when a team has scored 11 points.

The rules are also explained in simple terms on a sign directly on the lane.

Don't have your own boules balls? No problem! You can borrow a set from the Quartiersmanagement Westerfilde & Bodelschwingh.