The Forester's Lodge "Forsthaus Rahm" is a rather unique place in Dortmund in the middle of the Rahm forest, directly on the south bank of the Nettebach. After the last forester moved out, the forester's lodge stood empty for a long time. The Mengede and Huckarde district councils then campaigned to preserve the forester's lodge.

As part of the Nordwärts project, the forester's lodge has now been transformed into an environmental education center unlike any other in Dortmund.

The district hunting association trains its young hunters there. The forest school on wheels is based there. The Dortmund Derne Beekeepers' Association has beehives in the large garden and teaches those interested about beekeeping and what great things can be done with the products of the busy bees.

The forester's lodge also serves as an extracurricular educational venue. FABIDO uses it for environmental education at daycare centers and Winfried Hardes, the forestry educator from the Landesbetrieb Wald und Holz, is available for projects with schools.

There are also plans for a "Blue Classroom", which the Emschergenossenschaft intends to create as part of the renaturation of the Nettebach. So it will be interesting to see what else will happen around the forester's lodge in the future.

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